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The ryokan experience is revered and loved across Japan,
dating back hundreds of years, once enjoyed by the noble
classes only, this pinacle of Japanese hospitality can now be
enjoyed by many.

An authentic experience combines the best in hospitality, food and comfort with the traditional ritual of the onsen, kaiseki dining and Ryokan hallmarks such as tatami floors,
yukata dress and Geta slippers. Kotori is a contemporary ryokan that maintains the exceptional heritage of ryokan tradition with modern Japanese luxury and high end finishing
across its large territory on the edge of Yufuin town.

Onsen Culture

With privacy and peace at the core of the Ryokan concept, everyone one of 14 rooms comes complete with an alfresco onsen bath where you can relax and rejuvenate. Kotori
features large communal male and female thermal onsen pools providing naturally heated water, maintained at a comfortable 36C to 38C.

Onsen history

Dating back centuries Onsen culture and the ritual of bathing in hot springs play
an essential part of Japanese society heralding from Japanese the mythical
connection of water, rebirth and cleansing. Japanese legend relates how Izanagi,
the male god who created the world with his wife, Izananami, bathed to purify
himself creating gods and goddesses were formed from his tears, wet body, and

Onsen ettiquette

Now seen as traditional wellness and health therapy enjoyed all over Japan the Onsen is
still steeped in etiquette and polite culture, bathers typically must shower and wash
before entering the Onsen and remove all clothes except for the small vanity towel
provided. Historically many onsens forbade tattoos due to links to Japanese Yakuza
gangs; however, Hanagokoro is welcomed to all.

Naturally yours

The connection between ryokans and nature, is apparent in all elements of design,
food and simplicity. Kotori is surrounded by nature, get lost in the expansive
grounds, marvel at the sea of clouds in the morning light beneath you and relax
under the stars in your own private onsen.


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