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Yufuin is a charming onsen community in Oita prefecture, just
ten kilometres inland from Beppu offering a rare glimpse into
Japanese rural life.

Surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature, there are no tall buildings here and is the perfect way to get away from the city and enjoy the cool mountain air and sounds of
nature. Yufuin has a wealth of boutiques, cafes, and art museums in a laid back, idyllic atmosphere.

Yufuin Town

Apart from bathing in its hot springs, travellers come to Yufuin to aimlessly
stroll about, perusing its many artisanal curiosities and enjoying the town’s
relaxing vibe. Leaving the bustling main streets and Sakura lined river
walkway, travellers will come across the rice paddies, farmhouses and the
local community that make Yufuin a true adventure into the real Japan.

Mount Yufu

Often called the Mt. Fuji of Oita because of its appearance, Mt.Yufu is the
landmark of the Yufuin area and a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike
who like to hike the trails, walk in nature and relax in the local hot springs.

Kyushu Prefecture

Kyushu is made up of nine provinces and is Japan’s third largest island located
southwest of the main island Honshu. An early centre of Japanese
civilisation, Kyushu offers many historical treasures, modern cities and areas
of immense natural beauty.

Tours and Guide Services

The guest concierge can recommend and arrange a host of external tours, bookings and guest services for day trips and transfers, our team can provide you with information and
arrangements at the hotel reception any time throughout your stay or prior to check in.


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