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specials create a kaiseki experience like no other

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A gastronomic journey that is the art of Kaiseki, a culmination
of skill, culinary tradition, dedication and the best in locally
sourced produce and artisanal practice.

Its origins dating back centuries to the Zen Buddhism and the royal courts of ancient Japan Kaiseki is a  meticulously prepared, exquisitely served multi-course meal that
showcases the chefs prowess the beauty and flavour of the local area and seasonal intricacies. Kaiseki is the embodiment of “omotenashi” which means wholehearted hospitality
while making leaving guests at ease and content.

Dinner (Kaiseki)

Tasting seasons

As the leaves turn and the landscape changes so do our menu’s reflecting the
seasonal flavours, colours and traditions.

Chefs story

With a wealth of experience, our chef and his team at Sonmonsha hospitality
artistically create dishes that reflect the seasonal delicacies of the region and
showcase the most excellent elements of Japanese cuisine and ingredients.

Special dietary requirements

At Kotori we take great delight in ensuring that the dining experience is wholesome and enjoyable for all so those with special dietary requirements,
religious considerations or any special requests advise us 3 days before arrival so that our dedicated team can accommodate your needs.


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